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Love never fails - Sandy & Junior

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Love never fails di Sandy & Junior  CHORUSThere wil...

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Love never fails (Sandy & Junior)


There will be those times we fight back tears
And there will be those times when we get scared
As long as we're together we'll get there
'Cause love never fails
I have all that I need
So much so I feel weak
'Cause the love that we have is never ending
All the moments we make
Are too precious to waste
In a world that is forever changing
I wouldn't change you for anything
I will be forever loving you




Asleep or awake
No there's never a day
That goes by when I don't think about you
Only you touched my life
For the very first time
I'll be lost surely without you




There's no greater gift
Than the love that you breathe
Forever hold me
Many rivers to cross
But our love will guide us
It's all we need




There will be those times that test our faith
On some of the roads that we have to take
But I know that we'll always find our way
'Cause love never fails
Love never fails






Data: 23/09/20
Ora: 15:43:22
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