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Let Me In - Mike Francis

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Let Me In di Mike Francis Let me in with the flowe...

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Let Me In (Mike Francis)

Let me in
with the flowers
don't bring me down
I'm on the ground
Let me in
you got the power
to kill the pain
I'm feelin' deep within

Last night I hurt you so
but 'till the mornin' sun grow cold and rivers flow
I promise you my heart
and we can make love grow
until the moon up high deserts the sky
I know
you'll never face a broken heart
No doubt about it
I wanna win
you back again

Let me in
your darkest hour
just take my hand
and try to understand
I know I hurt you so
and till the seas run dry I'll worship you and more
I promise you my heart
now we can make love grow
until the lovers cease to dream and have no heart
my lovely lady we'll never part

Now we can dance upon the sweetest love refrain
you're my tomorrow and you're my today
now only you can show the way
through fire and rain I'm feelin' pain so much
you're such a part of me I want you back
hey! It's good to see you again

No doubt about it
I wanna win
you back again

Let me in
to feel the fire
let love unfold
my body's wet and cold
I'll never let you go
until the sand rolls in the desert
day by day
I promise you my heart
and we can make love grow
until the day no longer turn the night away
my lovely lady in love I'll stay

Hey! Babe
lead me through the colors of your rainbow now
you gotta understand
you got this shadow hangin' over me
I'm not the man I used to be oh! No
my destiny is in your hands
I know your heart is sad and blue
I'm lonely too
so what's the use it's no excuse oh! No
you got a winnin' hand
so honey come on
Let Me In....



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