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Addicted to bass - Puretone

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Addicted to bass di Puretone I got two pale hands...

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Addicted to bass (Puretone)

I got two pale hands
up against the window pane
im shaking with the heat
of my need again
it starts in my feet
reverbs up to my brain
theres nothing i can do
to revert the gain
im looking down the street below
theres nothing in the way
they move to show
that they too, know what i know
they to hunger
for the beast below
listening to the radio
i feel so out of place
theres a certain something
missing that the tremble cant erase
i know you can tell
just by looking at my face
a word about my weakness

im totally addicted to bass
totally addicted to bass
(woh a woh oh)
(woh a woh oh)

theres nothing
can do to be cool
i dont sleep til ive hasd my fuel

it frustrates if i am deprived
a hunger that grates
from deep inside
i feel like im doing time
imprisoned by dependence
on a rhythm sublime
in my mind i must overcome
the need to define
the solitary silence
of a faceless crime
standing by the stereo
im feeling so alone
my back against a speaker
and im moving on my own
surrounded by so many
and they`re staring at my face
they`re picking up my problem


your baseline is shooting up my spine
(woh a woh oh)
your basline has got me feeling fine
its filling up my mind

sunrise at my window
i look down on the street
people i see everywhere
are tapping their feet
suddenly i realise
in a look i was wrong
everybody`s groovin
to their own song
down at the scene below
there`s something in the way
they move to show
they too,know what i know
they to hunger for beast below
rhythm`s running over me
to wash away my fears
the backbeat of humanity
it sweeterns my tears
there`s something that`s
connected us down throughtout
the years
no need to feel so lonely
everyone`s addicted to bass
(woh a woh oh)
everyone`s addicted to bass
(woh a woh oh)





Data: 26/09/20
Ora: 20:10:47
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