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Natoma - Break The Silence

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Natoma di Break The Silence Kill these lies that hold us...

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Natoma (Break The Silence)

Kill these lies that hold us together
every way that you see fit.
Live a life you'll always remember,
lose all of the life that I miss.

You will go along
hating everything
as this moment passes by
to hear every word still ring.
Everlasting lies...
still...they're all that's left.
The answer catches on.
Every word will speak regret.

I was not left here to die.
Leave behind the mistakes...
only one was ever made.
Vow again to pledge denial
every time the light will fade.

Has it gone all
wrong entering my fate?
Revelations of the past...
every word was said too late.
Never sweet and low...
dearest promises.
Left me here alone
entranced to weak loneliness.
I will go along
with your second chances.
It comes right back to me.
I hate the living:
the ones who come right back to destroy me.
leaves this to indecision...
your faith in fatal missions.(x2)

I will go on.(x2)




Data: 23/01/21
Ora: 18:20:14
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