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Good As It Seems - Sanity Assassins

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Good As It Seems di Sanity Assassins I Look At YouAnd I Know ...

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Good As It Seems (Sanity Assassins)

I Look At You
And I Know It's True
All This Years Of Lies
Can't Erase With A Smile
Now It's Time To See
If You Believe In Me Or If You …
Leave (Me) Alone
Better If You Gone
Scared By Life
You'll Be My Sacrifice
Everything I Think
Everytime I Drink Is Your …
Sweet Blue Eyes
'Cause Your Lips (Have) A Bad Taste In My Mind
Up To You

Because I Wanna Feel Of You
And I Know Tonight I Tell You My Last Lie
You''ll Say To Me If You Good As It Seems Yeah …
Sweet Blue Eyes
I Fuck With You Last Time Tonight
A Cold Embrace
But The Best Of Me Just Start To Race
You'll Know Tonight Another's My Desire
But Scared Like You I Can't Tell You What The Truth Ohh …
Sweet Blue Eye
'Cause Tonight I'll Take Away Your Life
Up To You

'Cause All I Want It's Eat Of You
Smile At Me And Your Cool Blood On My Lips
Now You See What I'm Ever And Ever Be 'So …
Sweet Blue Eye
Tonight I Eat Away Your Life
Can't See The Truth
'Cause I Stole Your Eyes 'So Good
But I Know Tonight I Eat Away My Life
Remain With Me Only Bad Taste Of My Drink Yeah …
I Look At You
Empty Bottle And You Too …



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