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Letter to Dana - Sonata Arctica

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Letter to Dana di Sonata Arctica Dana, my darling, I'm writin...

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Letter to Dana (Sonata Arctica)

Dana, my darling, I'm writing to you.
Cause your father passed away, it was a beautiful day
And I don't want to bother You anymore,
I used to hope you'd come back
But not anymore Dana.

My eyes might have betrayed me, but I have seen
Your picture on the cover of a filthy magazine
And I think my heart just cannot handle that
Dana, my darling, would be so bad.

Dana my darling I'm writing to you
Your mother passed away it was a really rainy day
And I didn't mean to bother you anymore
Your mother wished: Come visit your faters grave, Dana

Your father disowned you because you have sinned
But he did forgive you in condition he was in
And I hope you won't do those things anymore
Dana My darling I'm waiting for

Dana O'Hara oh, Dana my dear,
How I wish that my Dana was here
Little Dana O'Hara decided one day
to travel away, faraway

No, you can't surprise me anymore
I have seen it all before
But it seems I cannot let you go
Anyhow, Dana, Dana, Dana, Dana

And I think that I told you, I'd wait for you forever
Now I know someone else's holding you,
so, for the first time in my life - I must lie
Lie's a sin, mess that I am in,
Love is not the thing I feel now
I promise you: I won't write again 'til the sun sets
behind your grave

Dana, oh, Dana I'm writing to you, I heard you passed
away it was a beautiful day
I'm old and I feel time will come for me, my diary’ s
pages are full of thee

Dana O'Hara oh, Dana my dear,
How I wish that my Dana was here
Little Dana O'Hara decided one day
to travel away, far away




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