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Well did you evah - Robbie Williams - Jon Lovitz

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto Well did you evah di Robbie Williams - Jon Lovitz ROBBIE: I have h...

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Well did you evah (Robbie Williams - Jon Lovitz)

ROBBIE: I have heard among this clan
ROBBIE: You are called the forgotton man
JON: Is that what they're saying,
JON: Well did you evah?
BOTH: What a swell party this is!
ROBBIE: And have you heard the story of
a boy a girl unrequited love
JON: As I hear so far
ROBBIE: I may cry
JON: Tune into tommorow
BOTH: What a swell party this is!
JON: What frails, what broads
ROBBIE: What broads
JON: What pearls, what rocks
ROBBIE: Their beautiful
JON: I've never seen such gaiety
ROBBIE: Neither have I
JON: It's all just too riské really
ROBBIE: Theirs french champagne
JON: Missed it
BOTH: So good for the brain
ROBBIE: That's what I was going to say
JON: You know you're a brilliant fellow
ROBBIE: Why, thank you
JON: Pick up jack, but please don't eat the glass my friend
JON: Have you heard about dear Blanche got run down by an avalanche?
JON: Oh don't worry she's a game girl you know, she got up and finished
The course
ROBBIE: The kids got guts
JON: Having a nice time, grab a line
ROBBIE: Have you heard the flimsy start,
she got pinched in the as-tabar
JON: ... again eh?
ROBBIE: She was stoned
JON: Well did you evah?
BOTH: What a swell party this is.
JON: Hey check out Dana
ROBBIE: That's a lovely dress, do you think I could talk her out of it?
ROBBIE: It's great, so grand
JON: So grand
BOTH: It's W---onderland
BOTH: La La La
JON: We sing, so rare, like old Camembert
BOTH: Like Bourbon Rum
ROBBIE: Don't dig that kind of crooning chum
Have you heard it's in the stars
Next to life we collide with mars,
Well did you evah
What a swell and elegant party this is!
JON: I drink to your health
ROBBIE: Let's drink to your wealth
JON: You're my bon amie
ROBBIE: Hey that's french
JON: A liberty fraternity
Have you heard it's in the stars
Next to life we collide with mars,
Well did you evah
What a swell and elegant party this is!




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